Awesome Lessons !

At the Royal Lusitano  farm our mounted lessons focus on the classical:    seat...posture... balance....

These skills will produce lasting confidence, develop good posture, and balance.

Sign up for our Royal Lusitano  lessons and enjoy your time with our beautiful Lusitano horses, and our beautiful, quiet relaxed St Charles setting.

ROYAL LUSITANO, Lusitano horses

Royal Lusitano foal and in hand lessons are a great way to have hands on with a Royal Lusitano horse. Lessons with a young Lusitano is a great way to develop your own, non verbal communication skills !

The Royal Lusitano farm in St.Chales Il , is one of the few places in this country that offer a wide variety of equine lessions, that do not require you to ride /mount the horse..

Lessons with our beautiful Royal Lusitano horses, in relaxing .St. Charles, IL